Entertainment Weekly Uncovers JLA’s “The Problem With Forever” and Shares an Excerpt

Entertainment Weekly revealed the cover and synopsis of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s new book The Problem With Forever.  They also released an exclusive excerpt!  Take a look below!


Jennifer Armentrout may be best known for her New York Times best-selling romances, but this May, she’ll release a YA coming-of-age story. In The Problem with Forever, Mallory Dodge’s (nicknamed “Mouse”) troubled childhood taught her that silence is the best way to go through life. Although her trauma technically ended four years ago, she’s facing a whole new set of problems — leaving the comfort of homeschool for senior year in a public high school. To complicate things even further, she runs into an old childhood friend, Rider Stark, on the first day of classes — who used to be her protector back then. But it turns out, Rider might need more help than Mallory does.

You can read the excerpt over ar EW’s website here!

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