JLA’s Frequently Asked Questions

JLA has posted all of her FAQs in a single post for our viewing pleasure!  The FAQs involve some questions revolving around The Lux Series including if an Origin/Luxen can have children and what Daemon’s note to Katy in Onyx said.

Take a look at the FAQs below!


Reading Order of all my series titles are as followed:

– Books are also in correct reading order under the “Books” tab.

Covenant Series: (Based on Greek Mythology)

– Series is complete

Daimon, Half-Blood, Pure, Deity, Elixir, Apollyon and then Sentinel

Lux Series: (Aliens in high school, yo.)

– Series is Complete with the exception of Oblivion (Daemon POV)

Shadows, Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Origin, and then Opposition OR Lux Beginnings Volume 1 (Obsidian and Onyx) and Lux Consequences Volume 2 (Opal and Origin) and then Opposition

– See below for more information about Oblivion

The Dark Elements (Gargoyles and demons and angels, oh my!)

Bitter Sweet Love (prequel novella), White Hot Kiss, Stone Cold Touch, and Every Last Breath


Gamble Brothers

– J. Lynn series

– Below is a suggested reading order, but can be read in any order

– Series is Complete

Tempting the Best Man, Tempting the Player, and then Tempting the Bodyguard

Wait for You Series

– J. Lynn/Jennifer L. Armentrout series

– Below is a suggested reading order, but can be read in any order

Wait For You (Cam and Avery), Trust In Me (Cam and Avery), Be With Me (Jase and Teresa),  Stay With Me (Calla and Jax), Fall With Me (Reece and Roxy), Dream of You (Colton and Abby), Forever With You (Nick and Stephanie), Fire In You

– The Proposal is a short story I did on Twitter. This is not a full length book or novella.  It was not published in the U.S. You can view it HERE


For more information about my books, please cheek out the “books” pages on my website.


Obsidian Film Updates:

  • Obsidian has been optioned by Sierra Pictures for a major motion picture in July 2013
  • No one has been cast to play any roles at this time
  • I do not have control over who is cast or can get anyone an audition
  • Obsidian has not been optioned for TV.
  • UPDATE: Obsidian was re-optioned for film in February 2015.
  • UPDATE: On October 14, 2015, Deadline Hollywood broke the news that Mr. Mudd production company was brought on board to produce Obsidian, along with Ava Dellaria as the screenwriter who will adapt Obsidian for a major motion picture.

Lux Series– there are five books in the series, not including Shadows. The reading order is as follows: Shadows (prequel, novella), Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Origin, and Opposition. Please see the individual books for release date information. There are no spinoffs or additional stories planned at this time.

  • Obsidian, Onyx, Opal and/or Origin is out of stock or I can’t find them anywhere? The first four Lux books were combined into new volumes that released on June 3rd, 2014. More info is available HERE but those books are no longer available and new reading order is: Lux Beginnings (which is Obsidian and Onyx) Lux Consequences (which is Opal and Origin) and then Opposition (which includes Shadows in print)
    • This also means that even though Amazon shows that you can order the original versions, it’s  likely you will not receive those copies as they are out of print. You may be able to find them through sellers with used copies.
    • Although some readers have been able to track some copies down, I honestly don’t know what places would have them, and I cannot direct you to where they may be
    • If the publisher decides to reprint these editions, I will let you know.
  • The Lux Series is Young Adult. It is NOT New Adult. Just because it has some mature content does not automatically make it a different general. It is and has always been classified as YA.
  • Onyx note:I get a lot of requests from readers wanting to know what was in the note that Daemon passed to Kat in Onyx during class. The note was originally in the first draft of Onyx, but the publisher thought it would be more interesting to have it taken out and let the readers decide what was in the note, so the note was removed. Deleted.  For the longest time, the publisher had asked that I not share the note.  The draft of Onyx that still has the note in it lives on an old laptop of mine that I haven’t turned on in years. The note is good, and to be honest, I don’t even remember what the note word for word, but I can tell you that whatever you’re thinking is probably true. Daemon has a naughty mind and that note was just an extension of his naughty mind.
  • Novellas:Shadows is the only novella in the series. There are no more novellas planned for the Lux Series at this time.
  • Daemon POVs:Obsidian and Onyx contain bonus content in Daemon’s POV. The print and digital for both books contain DIFFERENT scenes.  There is no plans to do any Daemon POV scenes from Opal at this time. Good news is that Origin and Opposition are in Daemon and Katy’s POV.
  • Opposition will feature an epilogue.
  • Will there be a spin-off for Luc or Dee and Archer? Currently at this time, there are no plans for a spin-off. I have other books/series I need to work on before I could seriously entertain that idea, plus there would need to be some time away from the series.
  • Is Nadia really dead? That’s not a question I am willing to answer at this point.
  • What was Luc’s relationship to Paris? They were just friends. Luc met Paris after leaving the compound.
  • Who is Luc’s father/mother/etc? That’s not revealed in the series. May not ever be revealed. Only if I decide to continue with his story. Sorry! Somethings really just can’t be answered.
  • OBLIVION is Daemon’s POV from early in the series. It is NOT a novella (so it is not 1.5 or such)
    • It is a full length novel.
    • Releases in December 2015
  • SOMEWHAT SPOILER ABOUT LUX AND ORIGIN OFFSPRING:  I’ve been asked a lot recently if a Luxen and an Origin can produce offspring. As far as I recall, it hasn’t happened in the series, so currently, there isn’t a yes or no answer. It just hasn’t happened in the series, and IF there ever were more books in the same universe, I assume it would be answered then. Until then, there is no answer for that question.

Why were the Lux covers changed?

  • A couple of things to keep in mind: I don’t have any control of the covers when the books are through a publisher. If I absolutely hated a cover, I’d have a say, I’m sure, but I’m not a cover designer. I’m an author. Also. Origin actually doesn’t match the first three covers when you really think about it — totally different style and color, but here is the actual reason behind why the covers had to change.
    • The original books with the original covers had little to no placement in book stores, limiting the amount of readers that series could be exposed to. One of the biggest complaints from booksellers was that the couple used on the covers were seen on way too many books, especially teen books, and therefore were not appealing enough for them to carry. Yep, vendors get a say in book covers, and when they say no, it can kill the book before it even gets to the masses
    • Entangled Teen worked for months on different ways to get the books out there so that more people had a chance to read the series before the final book came out.
    • So the Lux Volumes were created with covers approved by the vendors (Lux Beginnings includes Obsidian and Onyx and Lux Consequences includes Opal and Origin
    • Opposition matches the new bind ups with an approved vendor cover so when the book comes out, it will be easier to find.
    • Printing books is VERY expensive. While Entangled Teen knows that many would like to see a different version to match the older versions, it is not cost effective at this time to do two different versions. Simply put, it would financially make absolutely no sense to run two versions.
    • You can read more HERE on the cover change.


Covenant Series TV Show Updates

  • The Covenant series has been optioned for TV by Herrick Entertainment in September 2013
  • April 2014 update: A screenwriter has been hired to adapt the novels
  • No on has been cast at this time for any characters
  • I do not have control over cast

Covenant Series– there are five books planned for the series, not including novellas. Reading order are as follows: Daimon (novella), Half-Blood, Pure, Deity, Elixir (3.5 novella in Aiden POV), Apollyon, and Sentinel.

Covenant Series UK/AUS/NZ – The Covenant Series has sold to Hodder UK. All digital copes have been pulled from vendors and will be re-published on May 9th, 2013

The Return – The Return is a spinoff of the Covenant Series featuring Seth. It can be read as a standalone series apart from the Covenant Series. The main two characters from Covenant do NOT have a role in The Return.

  • The Return will be a New Adult Paranormal
  • As of right now it will be in dual POV
  • The Return will feature some secondary characters from the Covenant Series
  • You will get to meet a lot of Titans
  • Apollo is in The Return
  • The Return is the first book in a planned duology or trilogy.

Wicked –  Wicked is the first book in a planned 3 Book New Adult Paranormal series that takes place in New Orleans. The book will be available in digital and in print (on or after the release date), and will be available through ALL Amazon sites (US and overseas), iBooks, and Barnes and Noble. As more vendors are added, this will be updated, as will the main page for Wicked.

Cursed– It’s a standalone. I do have ideas for more books, but I’m not planning to continue the series until my ideas don’t read like X-Men, which is hard when you’re dealing with super special kids with abilities.

Obsession– It is a standalone and does take place in the same world that Daemon and Katy reside in, however it is an adult novel and intended for an older audience. You do not need to read a Lux book to read Obsession and vice versa. Characters from Obsession will appear in the last Lux book.

  • Adult: I am not joking when I say this is an adult book. =)

Unchained – Unchained is a standalone book. Sometimes a book is sold with hopes that a series will occur, but sales and data don’t support going in that direction. It’s a sad facet of the business. No future books in this series is planned at this time. If that ever changes, you’ll see additional books listed on the ‘Books’ page.

The Dark Elements – The Dark Elements series is a new YA paranormal series through Harlequin Teen. It consists of three full length novels, plus a novella. Bitter Sweet Love (prequel novella), White Hot Kiss, Stone Cold Touch, and one more yet untitled book.

Wait for You Series–– Wait for You is under my pen name J. Lynn. There will be three books revolving in that world: WAIT FOR YOU (Avery and Cam), BE WITH ME (2/4/2014) (Teresa and Jase), and a third yet untitled book. TRUST IN ME ( 10/22/13) is Cam’s POV of Wait for You with new scenes and what not. STAY WITH ME releases in September 2014

  • Will you ever write about Brit and Ollie?
  • Brit and Ollie do have a short story in 50 Firsts Anthology, (available HERE) which shows how they two finally got together. I know some readers would like a full novel, however there is no story for me to tell about them as they are already together. To tell their story, I’d have to break them or something, and I really don’t want to do that. You do see Britt and Ollie in the books, just like you see all the couples in all the books. Maybe one day I’ll have a story to expand on, but until then, I can only write full length novels or novellas for characters that are speaking to me.

Gamble Brothers— There are three books in the series and are currently a digital only series (publisher’s decision) in the U.S.. Print copies will be available through the U.K. publisher upon publication.  This is adult contemporary romance. Tempting the Best Man (Chase), Tempting the Player, (Chad), and Tempting the Bodyguard (Chandler’s).

The “Sebastian Book” – Some of you might have read the chapters I posted in early 2013 on my blog and I’m thrilled that many of you have asked if I will finish the book. At this time I’m not, but I do hope to one day revisit that world and finish the book. You can find those chapters by checking out my blog history and my scribd accounts.

  1. Lynn – This is a pen name used for my adult and New Adult books, however after Stay With Me, J. Lynn will no longer be used. That does not mean the content of the books will change, just that there will no longer be a pen name.

Review copies:

I don’t send out review copies. All my titles are published by publishers  who send ARCs out to reviewers, and for those that are self-published, the ARCs will be handled by my publicist. Any book that is currently out will not be sent out for review. I have no control over who receives the ARCs. Please contact the publisher for upcoming releases. Email requests to me for ARCs are typically deleted.

Beta Reading – Sometimes I get emails from people asking me to read what they are currently working on. With my work load, that’s not something I can do. But there are great communities like Query Tracker that is a great place to find beta read partners.



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