The Story Behind “The Lux Series” Covers

A new article from the New York Times talks about the evolution and current need of cover models for romance novels. The article interviews Liz Pelletier from Entangled Publishing, and talks about how Pepe Toth, the cover model of The Lux Series ended up on the cover of Obsidian. You can read the part about The Lux Series below and the rest of the article here!

Unlike the Fabio era, when covers were painted by hand, today they are more assembly line than art. Consider Daemon Black, a space alien with dark curls and emerald green eyes who is the hero of Entangled’s Lux series, written by the New York Times best-selling author Jennifer L. Armentrout. In 2011, Pepe Toth saw a photograph of himself and his then model girlfriend, Sztella Tziotziosz, on the cover of “Obsidian,” the first in the Lux series published that December.

Mr. Toth, 26, then living in his native Hungary, had been transformed into Daemon Black without his knowledge. “I thought, what kind of book is this?” he said in a recent interview.

Mr. Toth, a professional soccer player, learned that Ms. Armentrout had used a stock photo taken from a shoot he and his girlfriend had done three years earlier in Budapest. So, he emailed the author. “I’m the guy on your book,” he said he wrote. Ms. Armentrout invited him to visit the United States.

In June 2012, Mr. Toth and his girlfriend flew to Atlanta after Entangled organized “#DaemonInvasion,” a promotion for Lux fans. “When I landed, I said to Jennifer, ‘I don’t know you,’ ” he recalled. “She said, ‘But you have a lot of fans.’ ”

He and his girlfriend filmed trailers to promote the series and accompanied the writer on a book tour. At the FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock, Ga., one afternoon, Mr. Toth found himself surrounded by almost 50 cheering women. “People called out to me, ‘Oh, Daemon is here!’” he said. One woman started crying. “She didn’t want to step up to have a book signed because she was so happy,” he said. “It was really weird.”

Today, he posts book signings on his twitter account, @Daemon_Black_and he reads excerpts on YouTube. And when Entangled considered dropping him from the cover after he split up with his girlfriend, Ms. Pelletier said, “There was a revolt from readers.”

Now Mr. Toth is featured alone.

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